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Self Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program

The Self-Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program is designed to provide skilled workers with the opportunity to secure work visas without the need for employer sponsorship. This program is ideal for highly skilled individuals who possess in-demand qualifications and wish to pursue employment opportunities in a foreign country. Unlike traditional work visas, which require sponsorship from an employer, the self-sponsor option allows skilled workers to apply for visas independently based on their qualifications and expertise. Through this program, skilled workers have the freedom to seek employment opportunities that align with their skills, experience, and career goals, enhancing their opportunities for international employment and career advancement.

Benefits of Self Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program

Settlement Pathway

The program offers a route to permanent residency, ensuring sustained stability for skilled workers and their families in the long run.

Global Networking

The program enables networking opportunities and fosters partnerships with other businesses and strategic alliances.

Career Growth

Applicants have the chance to strategically broaden their careers in the UK, accessing a strong and varied market.

Economic Prosperity

Businesses contribute significantly to the UK economy, playing a crucial role in fostering innovation and bolstering economic expansion.

Self Sponsor

Professionals possess the flexibility to sponsor their visa application independently, granting them enhanced control and autonomy.

Global Standing

The program provides businesses with an opportunity to bolster their global footprint by establishing operations in a prominent international market.

UK Self Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility

Established Or New Business

You may qualify for this program if you already own a business in the UK or intend to start/acquire one.

Financial Capability

Applicants may need to demonstrate financial capability to sustain themselves in the UK.

Local Director

An applicant without an existing UK company must have a local director based in the UK.

Sponsorship License

The business must hold a Sponsorship License to issue a Skilled Visa for the Applicant.

Financial Investment​

Businesses must outline their financial investment in the project, demonstrating a sincere commitment to the UK market.

Be Hands-On

Commit to actively overseeing and engaging in the day-to-day operations of your work in the UK.

working process

Your 8 Step Process to Success

01 Step

Research & Planning

Start by conducting thorough research on the UK market and evaluating your business's viability.

02 Step

Assess Eligibility

Consult legal experts to comprehend the regulatory landscape and industry-specific requirements in the UK market.

03 Step

Financial Planning

Create a detailed financial plan outlining the required funds for the business.

04 Step

License Application

Send your Skilled Worker License application to the appropriate authorities.

05 Step

License Approval

Upon approval, obtain your Skilled Worker License, allowing you to apply for a Visa.

06 Step

Visa Application

Prepare and submit your Skilled Worker Visa application to the UK Home Office.

07 Step

Due Diligence

Authorities will assess your application against program requirements.

08 Step

Visa Approval

Upon approval, obtain your Skilled Worker Visa (3/5 Years) to continue residing in the UK.

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