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Portugal D2 Visa Program

The Portugal D2 Visa Program, also known as the Entrepreneur Visa, is designed for individuals looking to establish or invest in a business venture in Portugal. This visa allows entrepreneurs and investors to reside in Portugal while developing their business ideas and contributing to the country’s economy. To qualify for the D2 Visa, applicants must present a viable business plan and demonstrate sufficient financial means to support themselves and their business activities. The program offers a pathway to residency and, ultimately, citizenship for those who successfully establish and maintain their businesses in Portugal.

Benefits of Portugal D2 Visa Program

Settlement Pathway

The D2 Visa grants residency in Portugal to non-EU citizens, making it an attractive option for those seeking to live there.

Global Networking

The program offers chances to network with the local business community and investors.

Business Growth

The program fosters innovation and aids in business growth, encouraging entrepreneurship.

Business Presence

Businesses contribute significantly to the UK economy, playing a crucial role in fostering innovation and bolstering economic expansion.

Cultural Immersion

Entrepreneurs get the chance to immerse themselves in Portugal's vibrant culture and lifestyle.

Europe Access

Entrepreneurs can access European markets due to Portugal's strategic geographic position.

Portugal D2 Visa Eligibility

Business Plan

Applicants need to submit a detailed business plan for their venture in Portugal, covering business activities, investment strategy, and anticipated economic impact.

Financial Investment

Businesses must outline their financial investment in the project, demonstrating a real commitment to the Portuguese market.


Proof of adequate housing arrangements in Portugal is required for the applicant and any accompanying family members.

Sponsorship License

The business must hold a Sponsorship License to issue a Skilled Visa for the Applicant.

Financial Capability‚Äč

Showing enough financial resources for starting and running the proposed business is essential, covering initial investment, operational costs, and personal living expenses.

Personal Background

The applicant and their family must have a clean criminal and medical record to apply in this visa category.

working process

Your 8 Step Process to Success

01 Step

Assess Eligibility

Consult legal experts to comprehend the regulatory framework and legal necessities unique to the Portugal D2 Visa.

02 Step

Prepare Documents

Once eligible, begin gathering all necessary documents, like the business plan, housing paperwork, etc.

03 Step

Initial Application

Submit your D2 Application to the relevant authorities with all required documents included.

04 Step

Due Diligence

Authorities will assess your application against program requirements. Ensure all submitted information is current.

05 Step

Initial Approval

After a positive review, you'll be informed of visa approval and issued a 90-120 day visa to travel to Portugal and attend your SEF appointment.

06 Step

SEF Appointment

After arriving in Portugal, you'll attend your SEF appointment and submit the necessary documents.

07 Step

Residency Approval

After the government approves your residency application, you'll receive a 2-year residency that can be renewed for an additional 3 years.

08 Step

Renewal Application

Stay requirements include residing for 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months per year for renewal eligibility. Apply for settlement after 5 years.

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