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PNP Entrepreneur Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Entrepreneur Program is an immigration pathway offered by various Canadian provinces and territories to attract experienced entrepreneurs who are willing to establish and operate businesses within their jurisdiction. Through this program, provinces and territories nominate eligible candidates who demonstrate the intention and ability to establish or acquire a business, create jobs for Canadian residents, and contribute to the local economy. Successful nominees, along with their families, receive provincial nomination certificates, which can expedite the process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada. The PNP Entrepreneur Program is designed to promote economic development, job creation, and entrepreneurial innovation in participating provinces and territories.

Benefits of PNP Entrepreneur Program

Pathway to PR

It’s more than just a visa; it’s your gateway to a permanent residence in Canada. This program offers a pathway to establishing roots and creating a lasting life in this hospitable country.

Local Networking

Having direct access to local markets isn’t just advantageous for business; it's akin to becoming an integral part of a community where your ideas can genuinely thrive and grow.

Business Potential

It’s more than just launching a business; it’s about discovering the perfect match. The program customizes opportunities to meet the specific economic requirements of the province.

Province Guidance

The assistance and resources provided by the provincial government act as a guiding force. It’s more than just paperwork; it's about having a supportive presence to guide you through the process.

Engaging Locally

Beyond business success, the program encourages you to actively engage with and contribute to the local community. It’s about creating connections.

Quality of Life

It's more than just about employment; it's about embracing life. The program unlocks access to a Canadian lifestyle enriched with exceptional healthcare and education for your family.

PNP Entrepreneur Program Eligibility

Business Experience

Usually, applicants must showcase a minimum level of experience in business management or ownership. This could encompass roles as a business owner or senior manager of a thriving enterprise.

Financial Stability

While the figures on your balance sheet are crucial, they also seek assurance that you possess the financial strength to undertake this entrepreneurial venture. It encompasses both your personal and business assets.

Research & Business Plan

An extensive and meticulously organized business proposal is an essential element of the application. This blueprint should delineate the proposed business, its feasibility, and its projected economic influence on the province.

Speak The Language

Competency in English or French is usually necessary to ensure efficient communication in a business setting. Applicants may be asked to submit language test scores as part of their application.

Ownership Stake

Entrepreneurs may need to maintain a substantial ownership interest in the business, demonstrating a sincere dedication to its prosperity. This ownership share often entails specific percentage criteria.

Financial Investment

Indeed, there's a financial investment involved, but it's also an investment in the community. They seek individuals prepared to utilize their capital in a manner that benefits not only their finances but also the local economy.

Minimum Investment & Net Worth Requirements


Minimum Investment:

Within GTA – CAD 600,000

Outside GTA – CAD 200,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Within GTA – CAD 800,000

Outside GTA – CAD 400,000


Minimum Investment:

Rural Stream – CAD 100,000

Foreign Graduate Stream – CAD 100,000 (Urban) & CAD 50,000 (Regional)

Minimum Net Worth:

Rural Stream – CAD 300,000

Foreign Graduate Stream – Standard Settlement Funds

British Columbia

Minimum Investment:

Base Stream – CAD 200,000

Regional Pilot – CAD 100,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Base Stream – CAD 600,000

Regional Pilot – CAD 300,000

Nova Scotia

Minimum Investment:

CAD 150,000

Minimum Net Worth:

CAD 600,000


Minimum Investment:

Entrepreneur Pathway – CAD 250,000 (Winnipeg Metropolitan Region) & CAD 150,000 (Outside Winnipeg Metropolitan Region)

Farm Investor Pathway – CAD 300,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Entrepreneur Pathway – CAD 500,000

Farm Investor Pathway – CAD 500,000


Minimum Investment:

CAD 300,000 (Regina & Saskatoon) & CAD 200,000 (Other Regions)

Minimum Net Worth:

CAD 500,000

working process

Your 8 Step Process to Success

01 Step

Choosing a Province

The initial step entails selecting a province that aligns with your business objectives. It's akin to choosing the setting for the upcoming stage of your entrepreneurial venture.

02 Step

Eligibility Check

Perform a preliminary assessment to confirm that you meet the fundamental eligibility requirements, including business background, financial worth, and language competency.

03 Step

Expression of Interest

Consider submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to express your program interest. The EOI usually details your business background, experience, and proposed plans.

04 Step

Invitation to Apply

Upon a successful EOI, you might obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the province, indicating interest in your business proposal.

05 Step

Business Plan

Craft a thorough business plan detailing your proposed venture, objectives, analysis, projections, and potential economic impact on the province.

06 Step

Submit Application

Fill out the province's official application form and include all necessary supporting documents.

07 Step

Due Diligence

The application undergoes a comprehensive review and undergoes multiple due diligence checks for both the individual and the business.

08 Step

Get Approval

After approval, you'll receive your Canadian work permit, enabling you to move to Canada, establish your business, and fulfill your committed contributions.

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